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Spring 2023 – Faculty End of Semester

As we end another semester, we offer these thoughts for Moodle faculty:

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Moodle Upgrade – Moodle will be upgraded to version 4.1 on June 7, 2023.  A new “look” and many new features to improve efficiency and usability will be introduced in 4.1. Visit the Moodle v4 Upgrade Notes page to get a link to preview the new Moodle and to find out more about the changes you can expect.

Grades Backup. Please consider creating personal backups (Exports) of your grades, especially at the end of the semester. See our Grades Backup instructions, or contact us if you need assistance.

Spring Course Visibility. Spring 2023 courses will remain visible to students until the end of August 2023, although you can also hide the course earlier if you like.

Fall Moodle Courses. Fall 2023 courses will be available starting in June. All courses and enrollments are synchronized with Banner overnight and enrollments are updated when each user logs in. Your new courses will not be visible to your students until you (or Libraries’ Electronic Reserves staff) change that setting.

Content Migration/Copy to New Courses. Most faculty do this themselves (How to: course content migration), but we’re happy to assist with copying your course content for next semester. Please request using this Moodle content migration request form.

Combining Courses. If you’d like to use a single Moodle course for multiple sections of a class we are now offering a self-serve option under the course Actions menu (gear icon in the upper right). See instructions for combining courses. Note that we will rename the combination course shortly after you create it, so don’t worry about the odd names shown in the tool.

Alternatively, you may send us a request to do this for you by emailing, specifying the courses you want combined.

New Faculty may want to review Getting Started with Moodle at Colgate.

Learning Moodle.  On this site you will find self-help resources, including Colgate-specific instructions and tutorials.

Support. We are also most willing to meet individually with you to hear about how Moodle can better meet your instructional needs, discuss features, or work together on new course activities. Please feel free to contact the Colgate Service Desk at .

Electronic Course Reserves. The Colgate Libraries use your Moodle course for Electronic Course Reserves. See the eReserves web site for details.