Start of semester reminders for faculty

Fall 2024 – Start of semester

Courses available

Fall 2024 Moodle Courses and enrollments are fully synchronized with Banner. Fall courses are made available to faculty in mid-April. If you don’t see a course in Moodle be sure that the Registrar has created it and assigned you as the professor (you should see it in the Portal). If the course appears in your Portal but not in Moodle, contact ITSHelp@Colgate.Edu

By default, courses are not visible to students until the professor changes that setting One exception: Libraries Electronic Reserves will make your course visible when they add content.

Video Content Management using Panopto

Create new media using Panopto ( Panopto is Colgate’s platform for uploading and sharing media content and includes screen recording tools for creating screencasts or micro lectures.

For those who used Ensemble/Anthem in the past, no new media can be created using Ensemble and all existing Ensemble links must be updated to Panopto share links. Find videos that have been migrated from Ensemble to Panopto in your Panopto My Folder > Ensemble Migrations. Contact us (ITSHelp@Colgate.Edu) for assistance and to report any missing content.

See detailed information about using Panopto with Moodle.

Sensus/Access & Accessibility

Sensus/Access Document Conversion is a standard Moodle course activity that appears in every course. This document conversion utility allows faculty and students to submit course documents for conversion to alternative formats such as MP3 audio, plain text, searchable PDF, and others. SensusAccess is used frequently by students, so please do not delete the SensusAccess activity from your course home page.

More information about document accessibility in Moodle

Workshops / Support

A number of Moodle and related workshops will be offered during the coming months. See the workshop offerings (and check back occasionally since more offerings are likely). We are also most willing to meet individually with you to hear about how Moodle can better meet your instructional needs, discuss features, or work together on new course activities. Contact us through the Colgate Service Desk (

Additional self-help resources are available on the Faculty page.

Course setup

Combining Courses (Self-Serve). If you’d like to use a single Moodle course for multiple sections of a class, see instructions for merging course sections. You may also request ITS to combine courses for you by emailing and specifying the courses that you want to be combined.

Content Migration/Copy to New Courses (Self-Serve). See detailed instructions for migrating content from a previous course to a new course. Alternatively, you may request the migration be done by ITS by completing the Moodle Content Migration Request web form.

Gradebook Setup. The Moodle Gradebook can be complicated; please contact us if you want help configuring your course gradebook.

Electronic Course Reserves. The Colgate Libraries use your Moodle course for Electronic Course Reserves. See the eReserves web site for details.

Fall Course Visibility. Fall courses remain visible to students until the end of February. You may hide the course earlier if you would like to do so. ITS hides the full semester several months after the session ends. Professors will still be able to see and access these courses and can make them visible again if they wish.