Notes for summer ’23 upgrade – v4

At first glance, Moodle 4 has a very different look, but all the functionality of v3.11 is retained while enhancing both the faculty and student experience. The new design features time-saving enhancements, expanded functionality, and significantly improved navigation.

Getting Started with Moodle v4

The following brief videos provide a quick review of many of the enhancements you will find in v4.

Moodle 4.0: Find your way around (2:43 min.)

Moodle 4.0: Course editing (2:57 min)

Moodle 4.0: Assignment (2:24 min.)

Moodle 4.0: Question bank (1:55 min.)

Moodle 4.0: Activity completion (1:03 min.)

Changes in brief

Adding / editing course sections and activities

  • The “Turn editing on” element is now always at the top of the page so no scrolling is needed to toggle it on and off
  • A course index on the left side of the screen lists all sections and activities for faster navigation
  • Each section in the course index and in the main course area can be collapsed or expanded by the user
  • New sections can be added at the end of any current section rather than only at the end of the main course area
  • Sections and activities can be easily moved using drag and drop in the course index (on the left of the screen) or in the main course area


  • Ability to add assignment instructions that the student sees only after they have begun the assignment
  • Ability to set a time limit from start to completion (as can be set in quizzes)
  • A passing grade can now be specified as a criteria for activity completion

Question bank

  • Questions can be added to the question bank in draft format until they are ready for use
  • As questions are modified, each version is retained along with the ability to review prior versions
  • Questions statistics are easy to find, including a usage column indicating which quiz the question is used in
  • Added ability to perform bulk actions on questions

Completion tracking

  • Activity completion requirements are displayed on the right side of the activity block
  • Completion indicators appear in the course index along the left side of the course page

Automatically notify students when adding new or updating content

  • Available for all activities and resources