Make Your First WordPress Site

Setting up your very first site can be a daunting process. Fear not! Everything from installing WordPress to getting your awesome new site up and running is covered here in the knowledge base. These articles should get you started.

  1. Install WordPress to your cPanel account (get oriented with cPanel if needed)
  2. Pick a theme and customize the look and feel of your site. You may wish to explore this list of themes that features example sites from Colgate and links to the documentation for each theme.
  3. Start publishing your content on posts and pages.
  4. Use the Block editor to format your content and to add images, video and other media.
  5. Organize your site with menus, categories and tags.
  6. Dive into the WordPress settings to adjust the settings for reading, writing and commenting on your site.
  7. Learn more about editing, formatting and embedding content with WordPress’ block editor.
  8. Be aware of copyright when including media on your site. Learn how to source media for your website the right way.

Note: If you plan to use your WordPress site as a blog and you’d like to enable visitors to leave comments (see discussion settings), be sure to download a plugin to manage spam.

*This post was derived from the Coventry.Domains Support Documentation under CC BY-NC 4.0.