Define the Purpose of your Website

Below is a list of questions to help you think through the purpose of your website before you start building it. If you have clear answers to these questions it will help you plan towards a well-considered website.


  • Are you publishing content about yourself / your practice / your work / a specific project / your thoughts and reflections?
  • Will there be other people working with you to create and maintain this website?
  • What type of content will it include: articles, data, photographs, videos, artwork, learning resources?


  • Who do you want to visit the website: peers, colleagues, friends, community members, employers, course lecturers, the public?
  • How will your audience find your website?
  • Does your audience have specific needs and how can you create a website that is suitable for them?


  • How will your website be structured? Will it be a single page or multiple pages?
  • Will you post blogs or articles?
  • How will the audience navigate their way through your website?


  • What kinds of language and words are suitable for your content and audience?
  • How can words be used to better engage your audience?
  • What words would best name the different areas of your website to help your audience navigate the different areas?


  • How will you use images to engage your audience?
  • What images are relevant to your content and audience?
  • Do you want to use your own images or find suitable images elsewhere?


  • How long will it exist for? Is it temporary or will it continue to exist indefinitely?
  • Will it change and be updated overtime?
  • How often will you want to update the content of your website?

*This post was derived from the Coventry.Domains Support Documentation under CC BY-NC 4.0.