For Faculty

  • What is Archiving? How do I restore an archived a video?

    Panopto has an automatic content retention policy that archives videos 20 months after their last view. If you have a video that has gone into an archived state, you can recover that video from the archive to allow users to continue to watch and interact with that connect. To do this, follow the instructions from…

  • How do I delete a video recording?

    Deleting a video in Panopto can be done by hovering over the video and selecting delete. Bulk deletions are possible by selecting the videos using the check box in the upper left of the thumbnails and selecting delete from the menu at the top. Deleted videos are sent to a Recycle Bin within Panopto. Deleted…

  • How do I Locate a Recording?

    Locating recordings is made easy by using the integrated search feature from Panopto. Begin by using the search in the top bar of Panopto. Note: The search feature will search for more than just titles. Choose key words carefully, as search includes information from slides, captions, and other media streams.