When importing an existing Moodle course to a new semester, will the links to videos still work?

Importing Panopto activities and links into a new Moodle course will continue to give students access to those videos, as long as you provision the new Moodle course in Panopto.  This is done by adding the Panopto block and selecting “Provision” from the block.  See How to Add the Panopto Block to Moodle Courses

Please note: If you are using the interactive features of Panopto, such as Quiz or Discussion, the process will be different.  You will need to login to Panopto and make a copy of the video which will clear out previous quiz results and discussion posts.  Then, in the new Moodle course, link to the video copy rather than the original video.  Each Moodle course that you provision with Panopto will have a course folder in Panopto.  Suggested best practice is to organize videos that have interactive features in the Panopto Moodle course folders to avoid confusion between video originals and copies.  Please contact ITSHelp@Colgate.edu for assistance as needed.

How can I link to a Panopto video from Moodle?

Two steps:

  1. Provision Panopto in your Moodle course by adding the Panopto block. See How to Add the Panopto Block to Moodle Courses.  After adding the Panopto block, students in the Moodle course will be able to access any video that is linked from the Moodle course without having to set share permissions for each video included in the Moodle course.
  2. Add a Panopto activity in Moodle.  See How to Insert Panopto Video Links and Quizzes in Moodle and  How to Embed Videos into a Moodle Course.

Can I Share Videos Through my Moodle Course?

Yes.  The first step is to Add the Panopto Block to your Moodle course – this will automatically share any Panopto video you link to in the Moodle course with all students if you are linking to the video from within your Moodle course.  If you wish to share the video using another means, such as in an email or a website, you need to set up share permissions in Panopto.

In this case, the second step is to add the course name to the share options for that folder in Panopto.  Open the share options for the folder. In the ‘People and groups’ area, start typing the name of the Moodle course (e.g. Fall 2022-COSC101)  and then select your course name with “Viewer” access from the matches listed.  Viewer access allows students to view the videos but not create videos in that particular folder

How do I access Panopto?

There are two methods for accessing Panopto: the web version, and through Moodle.

Through the Web:

Navigate to https://colgate.hosted.panopto.com/.

Through Moodle:

To access via Moodle, a course must be provisioned by the faculty member responsible for the course. Information on provisioning can be found at Panopto’s support website. Once provisioned Panopto videos can be embeded in pages, assignments, and other areas of Moodle without the need to visit https://colgate.hosted.panopto.com/.