How do I delete a video recording?

Deleting a video in Panopto can be done by hovering over the video and selecting delete. Bulk deletions are possible by selecting the videos using the check box in the upper left of the thumbnails and selecting delete from the menu at the top.

Deleted videos are sent to a Recycle Bin within Panopto. Deleted content can be recovered from the Recycle Bin for 90 days before they are deleted permanently. You can immediately restore content from the Recycle Bin by selecting Restore next to any video.

Note: Deleting a video in Panopto does not necessarily delete the content in other systems. Please check other systems that your video might exist in to confirm if your content is being stored elsewhere.

How long is content saved after someone leaves Colgate? Who has access to it?

A user’s Panopto content remains in Panopto indefinitely, even after the user has lost access to the system.  This means that content shared with other users is still accessible even if the original video owner has left the institution.  All content is subject to the content retention rule, and will be archived 20 months after the last viewing. 

How do I caption my videos?

All videos uploaded to Panopto, transferred from Ensemble or created using the Panopto recorder are automatically captioned in Panopto using computer generated captions.  The accuracy of computer generated captions can vary considerably depending on several factors including the quality of the microphone, background noise, the accent of the speaker, etc.  Captions should be reviewed for accuracy and edited as needed.  See How to Edit or Delete Captions.

Highly accurate captioning is also available from third party vendors.  Contact for more information about how to request paid captions from a caption service.

What is the difference between the Panopto Capture and Panopto for Mac/Windows? Is it better to use the browser recorder or download the recording app?

The following chart describes some benefits/drawbacks of using each type of recorder:

Panopto Capture (browser)Panopto for Mac Windows (application)
Quick to setup and use.  Works from a multitude of devicesOffers Smart Camera to track your movementOffers virtual backgroundsAllows for offline recordingWindows application offers more settings/customizationAllows use of shortcut keys to streamline recordings

What are my Options for Sharing Videos?

There are several share options.  You can share videos with individuals with a email address, with all students in a specific Moodle course, with everyone at Colgate who has the video link and with anyone outside Colgate who has the link.  Please be aware that if you share with people outside of Colgate, there is no way to just limit access to a particular individual.  Anyone with the video link will be able to access the video.

For more on sharing, please see Panopto’s support documentation on sharing a video, folder, or playlist.

How do I Copy or Move a Video?

There are several ways to copy videos in Panopto. See How to Copy and Move Videos.  If you make a reference copy rather than a full copy, the reference copy refers back to the original source video. If the source video is edited, the reference copy will automatically reflect the same edits.  On the other hand, if you try to make edits to the reference copy, you will receive a message asking whether you would like to unlink the copy from the original so that edits made to the copy will not be reflected in the original.  Learn about Video Reference Copies.

How do I access Panopto?

There are two methods for accessing Panopto: the web version, and through Moodle.

Through the Web:

Navigate to

Through Moodle:

To access via Moodle, a course must be provisioned by the faculty member responsible for the course. Information on provisioning can be found at Panopto’s support website. Once provisioned Panopto videos can be embeded in pages, assignments, and other areas of Moodle without the need to visit