Options for Adding Images to Your Site

Most websites include images for visual interest. However, storage space for image and other media files is limited in WordPress. This post covers a few options for adding images to your site, depending on who owns the images.

*Be sure to review how to source images and other media for your site the right way to ensure that you don’t violate copyright.

Publishing Images You Own

Consider managing and sharing your images on a platform beyond WordPress, such as Flickr. That will offload the storage of your images outside of WordPress. You can then embed those images in WordPress using a Flickr embed block.

You can also upload images directly into the WordPress Media Library for your site.

Insert Images Already Published to the Web

When you add a basic Image Block, you’ll be presented with the option to upload images from your Media Library, or to Insert Image from URL. Inserting images from URL allows you to essentially embed images that have already been published to the web.

Find the image you want to embed on your WordPress site. To grab the URL for that image, right click on the image > Copy Image Address. Paste that address when you select Insert Image from URL in the WordPress Image Block. Just be sure that you have permission to share that image on your site (Again, review how to source images and other media for your site without violating copyright!)