For Students

  • How long can videos be stored in Panopto?

    Panopto videos will be retained for 20 months after the last viewing. At that point, the video will be archived.  Video owners can retrieve archived videos with a single click, if needed. To do this, follow the instructions from Panopto Support.

  • How do I caption my videos?

    All videos uploaded to Panopto, transferred from Ensemble or created using the Panopto recorder are automatically captioned in Panopto using computer generated captions.  The accuracy of computer generated captions can vary considerably depending on several factors including the quality of the microphone, background noise, the accent of the speaker, etc.  Captions should be reviewed for…

  • What is the difference between the Panopto Capture and Panopto for Mac/Windows? Is it better to use the browser recorder or download the recording app?

    The following chart describes some benefits/drawbacks of using each type of recorder: Panopto Capture (browser) Panopto for Mac Windows (application) Quick to setup and use.  Works from a multitude of devicesOffers Smart Camera to track your movementOffers virtual backgrounds Allows for offline recordingWindows application offers more settings/customizationAllows use of shortcut keys to streamline recordings