For Students

  • What are my Options for Sharing Videos?

    There are several share options.  You can share videos with individuals with a email address, with all students in a specific Moodle course, with everyone at Colgate who has the video link and with anyone outside Colgate who has the link.  Please be aware that if you share with people outside of Colgate, there…

  • How do I Copy or Move a Video?

    There are several ways to copy videos in Panopto. See How to Copy and Move Videos.  If you make a reference copy rather than a full copy, the reference copy refers back to the original source video. If the source video is edited, the reference copy will automatically reflect the same edits.  On the other…

  • How can I organize my video content?

    Creating folders is the best way to organize videos in Panopto. Information on creating folders can be found from Panopto’s support site. For Faculty, it is recommended that you create a subfolder in My Folder for each course. This ensures that the video links will persist when you copy your Moodle course to future semesters.