Can I Share Videos Through my Moodle Course?

Yes.  The first step is to Add the Panopto Block to your Moodle course – this will automatically share any Panopto video you link to in the Moodle course with all students if you are linking to the video from within your Moodle course.  If you wish to share the video using another means, such as in an email or a website, you need to set up share permissions in Panopto.

In this case, the second step is to add the course name to the share options for that folder in Panopto.  Open the share options for the folder. In the ‘People and groups’ area, start typing the name of the Moodle course (e.g. Fall 2022-COSC101)  and then select your course name with “Viewer” access from the matches listed.  Viewer access allows students to view the videos but not create videos in that particular folder