How do I enable notifications when my Zoom Cloud recordings are ready to share?

Login to Panopto at From your home page select the ‘My Folder’ in the left navigation. Along the top, locate the ‘Meeting Recordings’ folder. In the upper right of the screen, locate the gear icon (Folder Settings). Select ‘Settings’ from the left navigation. Check the box that read “Notify viewers via email and Microsoft Teams (if connected) when new videos are ready”

Note: If you do not have a ‘Meeting Recordings’ folder you have not successfully imported any Zoom Cloud meeting recordings into Panopto. Use Zoom to start a cloud meeting recording and this folder will automatically appear in Panopto.

How long is content saved after someone leaves Colgate? Who has access to it?

A user’s Panopto content remains in Panopto indefinitely, even after the user has lost access to the system.  This means that content shared with other users is still accessible even if the original video owner has left the institution.  All content is subject to the content retention rule, and will be archived 20 months after the last viewing. 

How can I link to a Panopto video from Moodle?

Two steps:

  1. Provision Panopto in your Moodle course by adding the Panopto block. See How to Add the Panopto Block to Moodle Courses.  After adding the Panopto block, students in the Moodle course will be able to access any video that is linked from the Moodle course without having to set share permissions for each video included in the Moodle course.
  2. Add a Panopto activity in Moodle.  See How to Insert Panopto Video Links and Quizzes in Moodle and  How to Embed Videos into a Moodle Course.

Can I Share Videos Through my Moodle Course?

Yes.  The first step is to Add the Panopto Block to your Moodle course – this will automatically share any Panopto video you link to in the Moodle course with all students if you are linking to the video from within your Moodle course.  If you wish to share the video using another means, such as in an email or a website, you need to set up share permissions in Panopto.

In this case, the second step is to add the course name to the share options for that folder in Panopto.  Open the share options for the folder. In the ‘People and groups’ area, start typing the name of the Moodle course (e.g. Fall 2022-COSC101)  and then select your course name with “Viewer” access from the matches listed.  Viewer access allows students to view the videos but not create videos in that particular folder

What are my Options for Sharing Videos?

There are several share options.  You can share videos with individuals with a email address, with all students in a specific Moodle course, with everyone at Colgate who has the video link and with anyone outside Colgate who has the link.  Please be aware that if you share with people outside of Colgate, there is no way to just limit access to a particular individual.  Anyone with the video link will be able to access the video.

For more on sharing, please see Panopto’s support documentation on sharing a video, folder, or playlist.