How do I Download my Zoom Recordings that are Stored in Panopto?

Once your recording is processed in Panopto, downloading is done through the settings menu for the video. Navigating to Settings > Outputs (left navigation) should give you options for a ‘Video Podcast.’ Under ‘Type’ there are several options to configure your download. Depending on the original recording you may have more than one view from Zoom to choose from – selecting a different ‘Type’ from the dropdown should generate a preview of the download in the thumbnail image above.

You may also choose the resolution of the download by using the ‘Quality’ dropdown. Panopto will not process the change until you click ‘Apply.’ Note: You cannot download a higher resolution than was originally was recorded – selecting a better resolution than the source recording will only export the best resolution possible.

Once you have selected your type and your quality, you can use the ‘Download Podcast’ link on the right of the thumbnail image to begin the download. Panopto natively exports to MP4 (H.264 / AAC 44100Hz 32bits).

Further information can be found in the Panopto Support Documentation.