Can I Share Videos Through my Moodle Course?

Yes.  The first step is to Add the Panopto Block to your Moodle course – this will automatically share any Panopto video you link to in the Moodle course with all students if you are linking to the video from within your Moodle course.  If you wish to share the video using another means, such as in an email or a website, you need to set up share permissions in Panopto.

In this case, the second step is to add the course name to the share options for that folder in Panopto.  Open the share options for the folder. In the ‘People and groups’ area, start typing the name of the Moodle course (e.g. Fall 2022-COSC101)  and then select your course name with “Viewer” access from the matches listed.  Viewer access allows students to view the videos but not create videos in that particular folder

What are my Options for Sharing Videos?

There are several share options.  You can share videos with individuals with a email address, with all students in a specific Moodle course, with everyone at Colgate who has the video link and with anyone outside Colgate who has the link.  Please be aware that if you share with people outside of Colgate, there is no way to just limit access to a particular individual.  Anyone with the video link will be able to access the video.

For more on sharing, please see Panopto’s support documentation on sharing a video, folder, or playlist.

How do I Find My Videos?

By default, most of your videos will live in your My Folder, unless you specify another location.

Panopto has a robust search feature.  It searches the title, the video captions that are automatically generated from every video, as well as any text in the video that it can recognize.  See How to Use Video Search and Learn About Smart Search.

Note: If you want to narrow your search to just find videos that have a specific search term in the title, there is currently no way to do that.

How do I Copy or Move a Video?

There are several ways to copy videos in Panopto. See How to Copy and Move Videos.  If you make a reference copy rather than a full copy, the reference copy refers back to the original source video. If the source video is edited, the reference copy will automatically reflect the same edits.  On the other hand, if you try to make edits to the reference copy, you will receive a message asking whether you would like to unlink the copy from the original so that edits made to the copy will not be reflected in the original.  Learn about Video Reference Copies.

How do I access Panopto?

There are two methods for accessing Panopto: the web version, and through Moodle.

Through the Web:

Navigate to

Through Moodle:

To access via Moodle, a course must be provisioned by the faculty member responsible for the course. Information on provisioning can be found at Panopto’s support website. Once provisioned Panopto videos can be embeded in pages, assignments, and other areas of Moodle without the need to visit