Merge course sections

Two or more course sections can be combined into a single new merged course combining enrollments of multiple course sections to avoid the necessity for building a separate Moodle course for each section.

The merge process will automatically put students in Groups identified with the original course section. These Groups can be used when managing Grades (e.g., filtering views) and monitoring course participation when this feature is enabled. Restrictions and open and close deadlines can be set by Group for many course activities (e.g., Assignments, Discussions).

Merging courses – To merge multiple Moodle courses, you can choose to do it yourself or request that ITS perform the merge for you. Use the HOW-TO Merge courses instructions below or submit a request to for assistance. You should do this before creating content in any of the original courses. The merge process combines only enrollments, it does not bring in course activities or resources from the original child courses. However, content can be copied into the new merged course using the Import function.

Important note about Groups  – While students are automatically added to the appropriate “section” Group when they enroll in that section, they are never removed and can never be removed. This can be a problem when a student switches between your course sections; due to a Moodle bug they will be a member of both groups. If you are using Groups where participation is exclusive and not optional, you must contact ITS for help. More information about this issue is here. 

HOW-TO Merge courses