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Course enrollments are automatically synchronized with your registration in Banner (the courses you see in the Portal) and updated every time you login to Moodle.

Generally, Moodle courses become unavailable to students approximately one month after the end of the semester . If you need access to a course that you took in a previous semester, contact your professor.

If you don’t see a course that you are registered for, check with your professor.

It is likely that the professor has not opened the course to students yet or may not be using Moodle.

Mobile app

Use the OpenLMS mobile app to access Moodle at Colgate on your mobile device (the standard Moodle mobile app in Google Play or the App Store will not work).

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You can use the mobile app to:

  • Easily access course content
  • Connect with other course participants
  • Receive instant notifications about course events
  • Submit assignments
  • Track your completion progress
  • Complete activities anywhere, anytime… and more!

Learning Moodle

This course covers many of the common features you’ll use as a learner.

Learner Orientation 4.0 Moodle course

Course Objectives:

  • Practice using course features you may encounter in your courses.
  • Identify tools such as URLs, files, videos, and audio files.
  • Check your ability to use common activities, such as forums, quizzes, and assignments.

Using Panopto with Moodle

Panopto is Colgate’s streaming media service. Use Panopto to create and store video and audio recordings. To learn more, visit:

Guest accounts, high school & non-traditional students

If you are seeking access to a Moodle course but are not currently a student, find information in Guest accounts.

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