Using Panopto with Moodle for Faculty

Find a abundance of user documentation and video tutorials on the support page of the website and additional information specific to Colgate at Panopto Info @ Colgate

Note: If you are updating Ensemble MediaLibrary links to Panopto, see Replacing Ensemble Video Links with Panopto.

Getting started with Panopto

Creating videos using Panopto


Video captions, created using automatic speech recognition, will automatically be added to every Panopto video.  Captions are extremely useful, allowing users to search across multiple videos for specific key words, identifying the videos and the specific time stamp within the video where the search term is used.  Accuracy of captions is dependent on several factors including background noise, microphone quality, etc.  Captions can be edited to improve accuracy.

Starting January 2022, Panopto’s viewer interface will now automatically pause and read audio descriptions aloud, using machine speech synthesis. Audio descriptions make a video more accessible for individuals who are blind or have low vision as well as others, by describing what is happening visually in the video.  They provide information about actions, characters, scene changes, on-screen text and other visual content.  Audio descriptions can be uploaded or created in the Panopto editor. 

Creating a video assignment

When a video is submitted by a student for grading, a copy of it is made and placed in a Student Submissions subfolder of the course’s Panopto folder, and instructors will have automatic permissions to view videos in this folder. 

Accessing Panopto through the Moodle Edit Toolbar

Faculty and students can create videos or use video content saved in Panopto any place that the Moodle edit toolbar is available.  For example, when creating an Assignment activity or inserting a Page resource, the Moodle edit toolbar is available, including a button to select, upload or record a video in Panopto.

Screenshot of an Assignment in Moodle with an arrow pointed to the Panopto icon in the edit toolbar.
Screenshot of the insert from panopto screen with red circles around 'choose', 'upload' and 'record.

Managing Course Content in Panopto

  • It is recommended that if you are re-using the same Panopto videos in multiple semesters, save those videos in your My Folder rather than in the Moodle folder under your course name.
screenshot of Browse folders in Panopto with a circle around the 'Browse' menu item and a red arrow pointed to an 'ENGL101' Folder

Creating Interactive Videos

Create video feedback for assignments

Using video as a feedback tool is a personalized approach to providing feedback.  Including a screencast of the student’s assignment, coupled with walking through the project using audio feedback allows you to give detailed, one-on-one support.  With audio or video feedback, you can record your observations, saving time since most of us speak faster than we can type. Additionally, tone often does not come through in written comments as effectively as in audio.

To allow for video feedback, set the Feedback options in the Moodle assignment to allow for “Feedback comments”.  

When grading the assignment, you will see the edit window for adding Feedback comments where you can select the Panopto button and either record your feedback or add a link to previously recorded feedback.

Screenshot of the feedback window with an arrow pointed to the panopto icon.