Using Panopto with Moodle for Students

Panopto logo

Panopto is Colgate‚Äôs streaming media service. Everyone at Colgate has a Panopto account that can be used for recording and hosting audio and video content. Access your Panopto account directly at

Panopto is also available from within Moodle. See:

In addition, students can create videos or use video content saved in Panopto any place that the Moodle edit toolbar is available. 

For example, when responding to an Assignment, if the Moodle edit toolbar is available, use the Panopto button to select a video already saved in Panopto, upload a new video to Panopto or record a video response from your browser. There are no limitations on the length of the video or audio recording when using Panopto.

See more information about Panopto at Colgate.