Course Blocks

While Moodle Blocks as described below can provide many features, Blocks are not part of the future Moodle interface. For example, Blocks and their functions are not available in the Moodle Mobile or Desktop Apps.

Moodle course blocks are content elements residing in the narrow right pane of a course or system page; blocks provide specialized information or function and most are controlled by any Teacher. 

All Colgate courses will be configured to start with the following blocks:

  • Latest Announcements (News)
  • Recent Activity

Moodle software is developed by a global community and there are many blocks which simplify or extend its functionality. See information about all Moodle blocks. Ask us if you don’t find a block which is of interest to you.

Add a Block to a Course

Turn editing on. Select the arrow below the Edit mode slider to expand the Blocks drawer.

Select Add a block in the Blocks drawer.

  • Select the block you wish to add (see descriptions below). The new block will appear at the bottom of the Blocks drawer.
  • Move the block up or down the right pane using the crossed-arrow icon
  • Configure the block (if necessary) using the gear icon


  • Some blocks can be added only once; others, e.g., HTML or RSS, can be added multiple times
  • Some blocks (see below) can not be deleted (but may be hidden)

Remove a Block from a Course

After you Turn editing on… using the control icons associated with each block you can:

  • delete it (using the X icon)
  • hide it (using the eyeball icon)


  • Many blocks can be deleted and restored without worrying about their content or settings. Others, like HTML, are not saved; their contents are lost when the block is deleted. Check before you delete a block.

Colgate Course Blocks

Colgate’s Moodle installation includes the standard Moodle blocks and many others which we have added. The list below provides a quick summary of selected Colgate blocks with links to complete details:

Less useful…

  • Administration – Generally no longer needed – everything here is somewhere else. (The Boost theme in Moodle 3.2 onwards uses Action menu (gear icon) links to provide access to settings pages rather than this block.)
  • Filtered course list – Probably not needed in a course; used in Dashboard and Home pages to list personal courses
  • Logged in user – Displays certain information about the user who is currently logged in to the course. Might encourage adding a personal picture.
  • Navigation – Standard – not needed in 3.4???
  • People – Just a quick link to the course Participants list
  • Random glossary entry